About Us

With a pioneering experience of a decade in providing SS Pipes in Nepal, we have established ourselves as a benchmark in the industry. Goyal Metal has emerged as a market leader not only in market share but also in providing world class quality solution in the SS Pipes product portfolio.

Our strict control standards and continuous monitoring has helped us in establishing our JINDAL Brand as the market leader.


Our brand is a promise to our clients for commitment. Our product must add value to customers needs and deliver its promise on quality and commitment.



We will continuously strive to become a world class manufacturer. This achievement must be accomplished by effective teamwork of continuous trained personnel who believe in highest level of customer service working in a safe and healthy environment.

Why to use S.S. Pipes?

Resistant to corrosion

Corrosion of metal metals leads to rusting and discolouring. Our SS Pipe are resistant to corrosion.

Environmentally friendly.

As a substitute for wood use of SS Pipes helps in preserving our tress and is also recyclable and environment friendly.

Do not require painting.

With a marvelous finish and shine SS Pipes don’t need to be painted thereby saving cost and time

Can withstand very high flow rates of over 40m/s

SS Pipes are able to withstand high flow rates thereby leading to less chances of leakage and breakage.

Very little maintenance

Minimal installation cost and time with very little maintenance are its hallmark.